If you make a commitment to start improving your food choices today, that change can have a powerful ripple effect within just 90 days. You’ll gain control of your physical health as you watch yourself becoming more toned and energetic, experiencing healthier skin and having extra vitality in all areas of your life. Not only will you be taking huge strides to enhance both your physical well-being and the length of your life, but the positive impact of this transformation will be felt by the entire family – benefiting those around you with each choice you make. Why not make an effort now and enjoy the amazing effects it can have in just 3 months?

If you want to Change Your Relationship with Food, Stop Inflammation, Release Weight, Think More Clearly Again, Reduce Medication, Feel & Look Amazing.

Through our programs, partnerships, and community engagement, we at Basics4TheBody strive to introduce individuals to the power of proper nutrition and effective behavioral changes when it comes to food and its relationship to the body. By empowering people to recognize the importance of nourishment, we can help them influence how they feel about food and how it affects the way they look. Our ultimate goal is for all our members to never again be beholden to disordered eating; but instead to gain control over their diet so that they may move forward with a newfound positive relationship with food as well as feeling satisfied with their lifestyle choices. Together we can take on this challenge one step at a time and create lasting impact in people’s lives!

4 Vital Basics

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Air-Deep Breathing


Nutrition-Healthy Foods for the Body

Movement-Exercise-Cardio-Weight Bearing

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Melissa A Smith LMT, FN, FBS, CHC

Certified Health Coach

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